On Podcasts – Society and Culture and Stories 2/3

Continuing with Society and Culture, This American Life is almost invariably good. Each weekly episode focuses on one – often topical – theme, developed over several unrelated stories. This year so far, I have particularly enjoyed episode 729: Making the Cut which explains, among other things, how Covid has altered dating in NYC and madeContinue reading “On Podcasts – Society and Culture and Stories 2/3”

On Podcasts – Society and Culture 1/3

Yesterday I went on a walk with Ruby Wax and Louis Theroux. The day before that, I’d used my daily outing to try and understand the intricacies of an unsolved murder somewhere in America. And last week, a collection of world-famous winemakers accompanied me to Bushy Park and Richmond Bridge. I am neither delusional norContinue reading “On Podcasts – Society and Culture 1/3”

Chapter 31 – A Damning Article

Ed’s grumpy and won’t say why. He greets Philippe with a mumble and a half-hearted nod from the door instead of his usual politician-on-the-campaign-trail handshake. Mary has to repeat her offer of tea or coffee twice before he shows any sign of having heard her. Once in the meeting room, he slumps in the firstContinue reading “Chapter 31 – A Damning Article”